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    5 Hairstyles that will accentuate your facial features

    You know that feeling when your hairstylist finally turns the chair around and you get to see the slayed hairstyle they created? You excitingly look in the mirror like YES GIRL!

    A common trend I began to see during summer 2018, was the no-makeup look. During the day, girls either wore a natural beat face or no makeup at all. The beauty of natural beauty definitely exuded last summer and it will again this summer.

    In 2019, another popular trend arose. I noticed women began to wear hairstyles that allowed their facial features to stand out. I personally love these hairstyles because it allows the center of attention to draw to your face rather than the hair and outfit.

    Bone Straight


    A bone straight look is perfect for a sexy date night! It sharpens the shape of your face while allowing your bold features to draw attention. Our Silky Straight hair is perfect for this look. A look guaranteed to turn heads.


    High Ponytail


    This look is for my high cheekbone girls! A polished ponytail will draw attention to your beautiful facial features. "Ponytails are like the LBDs [little black dresses] of hair — they never go out of style," said Jet Rhys, San Diego hairstylist. When you’re in a rush and want a cute and sleek look, a ponytail is the best option. This look is achievable with our silk straight hair extensions.


    Low Bun


    The simplest and cutest hairstyle by far. Swoop your baby hairs and lay those edges to get the fresh out of the chair salon feel. You can wear this look to class, gym, dinner, or even a party. They’re easier and quicker to do than ponytails but still give the same popping effect. Some choose to wear hair extensions with a low bun, but it is not necessary. 


    Ninja Bun


    Ninja Buns are my go-to style when I’m going out for the night and want all eyes on me. The highness of the bun brings attention to your head. It is a great style to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. Most professional stylists add hair extensions to the bun in order to create a higher look. We recommend the silky straight hair extensions to match with the base of your hair. This look is also a guaranteed head turner. 


    Feed-In Braids


    In 2017, feed-in braids became very popular across social media. Since then, it has become almost every black woman’s go-to braid. The style is simple yet chic. This will give you a natural but cute look. Wear this on a hot summer beach day and you will attract all of the attention!

    What’s your favorite sleek style to wear? Let us know in the comment section below!

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