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    What Sets Us Apart — Dynasty Premium Hair

    It's What's On the Inside that Counts!!

    It's What's On the Inside that Counts!!

    How many videos have we watched on Facebook or pictures have we seen on Instagram of someone taking out their weave after an extended period of time and the hair underneath is unrecognizable.


    If we scroll back a couple of months we can find a picture of when their hair was freshly laid and slayed. The extensions were silky smooth, colored to perfection and cut with razor precision. It was absolutely gorgeous. But as the time passed, not only did the extensions start to look drab, their hair underneath started suffering as well. Check out these 5 tips below for keeping your hair healthy while it is being protected under your luxurious Dynasty Premium Hair extensions:


    1. Start out with clean, conditioned (moisturized) hair. It is important to wash and thoroughly moisturize your hair before installing a protective style. Be sure to pay special attention to your scalp. Also, your hair should be washed while you have the extensions in as well.
    2. Trim your ends. Clipped ends are essential to healthy hair. You don’t want to protect split ends. They will only continue to split and cause breakage.
    3. Make sure your foundation braids aren’t too tight. Foundation braids that start out too tight can lead to traction alopecia, not to mention that they will feel even tighter once the extensions are sewn in. Be sure to tell your stylist if you feel like your hair is being braided too tightly.
    4. Don’t use excessive heat. We understand that you want your hair to look as good as the day that you got it done, but try to lay off the excessive heat styling to preserve the extensions and your own hair especially if there is leave out. Another way to avoid “leave out breakage” is to wear one of Dynasty Premium Hair’s lavish frontal units. They not only provide protection, they also look incredibly natural.
    5. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PROTECTIVE STYLE IN FOR MORE THAN 2 MONTHS. This is probably the most important tip. While protective styling may free up a lot of time in your schedule, be sure to not leave it in for more than 2 months and to give your hair at least a 2-week break in between each style.


    Dynasty Premium Hair offers the best is top of the line, quality extensions. Be sure that when you decide to take your extensions out that your hair looks just as good underneath.

    Your Hair, Your Prerogative!!

    Your Hair, Your Prerogative!!

    A queen’s hair is her crown. And just like crowns, hair can come in all different lengths and textures. Some like it short and cropped, some like it long and luxurious. Either way, it’s all beautiful to us.



    What’s interesting to us is that sometimes, we as women, want to see what it feels like to be on the other side. So, we decide to change it up. Go for the hairstyle we’ve been eyeing for months. We finally get up enough nerve to cut it all off or add a few inches to it. We walk into the salon and sit in the stylist’s chair and immediately get cold feet. “What if HE doesn’t like it?” “What will my friends say?” You voice your concern to your stylist and she gives you the perfect solution: A CUSTOM-MADE WIG!! You look back at her with a puzzled look on your face, but she says, “Don’t worry, I got you!”. That’s when she pulls out Dynasty Premium Hair extensions in a body wave, and you immediately see the vision. She is going to take your cute, cropped cut into long beachy waves or transform your shoulder length tresses into the pixy cut you’ve always wanted.




    Hair extensions give you the versatility to have any look that you can imagine. Dynasty Premium Hair not only gives you that versatility but it also gives you the peace of mind to know that you have the most quality, natural looking extensions that will not matt, shed or tangle.

    So, go ahead and take that plunge to whatever style you want. Just know that Dynasty Premium Hair will be there to help you perfect your look!