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    What Sets Us Apart — human hair

    The Tea: About Dynasty Premium Hair


    Picking a new hair company can be very risky. Before you hit the purchase button, you begin to think to yourself, “What if it looks better online than in person?” “How long will I be able to use the hair?” “Is this company worth my hard earned money?” In this article, all of your many worries and assumptions will be cleared. 

    We are the best hair company in the industry. Here’s why!

    Our hair has minimal shedding and no tangling or matting. What is worse than your install looking stiff and dull only a week after installation? NOTHING! Fortunately, you will never experience this with Dynasty Premium Hair. We run various weather and time trials to ensure our hair extensions will always look fresh and new, no matter the condition or length of time you have the install. The wear time of our hair extensions is up to three years.

    Easy dying process. Over the past two years, vibrant colored hair has become very popular. Vibrant colors are easily achievable with our Blonde 613 hair extensions. Whether it's professional or at home, our hair takes all dying products. Our many clients have dyed the hair baby pink, deep blue, ashy blonde, fire red, and ombre. Through bleaching and the many harsh chemicals stressed on the hair during the process, our hair remains soft and silky.


    Frontals and closures come pre-plucked. Leave out is very damaging to your natural hair. The constant flat ironing and blending ends up leaving your hair brittle and heat damaged. Many women, including naturalistas, wanted a way to wear a sew in without punishing their hair. To avoid this, frontals and closures were invented. They are supposed to give your weave or wig a natural look although there is no leave out. We sell body wave and deep wave frontals and closures for an affordable price! To ensure our frontals and closures always look natural, we pre pluck the edges. You will be able to create as much baby hairs as you please!

    We value our customers. At Dynasty Premium Hair, we strive for our customers to feel beautiful in every aspect. For many women, hair is a driving force to feeling beautiful and confident. We believe every woman should have the best of everything, including hair. We provide our customers with 100% Virgin Human Hair. All of our extensions are thoroughly checked to ensure we give our clients nothing but the best! Also, our returning loyal customers receive percentages off towards their next purchase through our email list.